1984, an ill-advised journey?


Join the Nicolle family on a road trip from Irbid, Jordan, to London in a Fiat Panda. Colette was five months pregnant and their son Freddie was under two years old, which led to certain not entirely unexpected difficulties along the way, as well as significantly different priorities.
The three-week journey in the heat of summer in 1984 is told through the separate, and at that time private, diaries of David and Colette Nicolle. As the diary entries are presented separately, the reader can compare these conflicting day by day stresses, and how or if they were resolved.
Here we should also note that David and Colette remain happily married. Follow a range of interests from medieval art and architecture to the urgent search for disposable nappies, not to mention finding themselves unexpectedly related by marriage to French Resistance heroes.
The authors also hope to reassure new or soon-to-be parents that exciting lives can continue after giving birth.


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