A Chinese Remedy – Mercenaries in Suits Book 1


When the sister of an Asian tycoon is found dead, can an unlikely consultant from China discover whether she was suicidal or murdered?

Forced from her central London apartment by a nearby fire, Joyce Peng seeks refuge with her ex-girlfriend, Tilly Wurman, a now-married pharmacist.

When Joyce can’t seem to let go of their past and becomes obsessed with suicide methods, Tilly becomes concerned.

Yet, when Joyce turns up dead a few days later, her brother isn’t convinced that his sister’s mental state led to her end.

This isn’t just another day at the office for M&A consultant Chance Yang, especially when his boss, Felipe Kazama, seems to know more about Joyce Peng’s death than he’s letting on. And as the reluctant fixer discovers, the deeper he delves into the cases, the harder it becomes to uncover the truth.