A Killing Game (Curtis Westcott Crime Thrillers Book 1)


Renee Charlebois was born into a wealthy and powerful Boston family, but she pushed all that aside and built her own chain of successful restaurants. Beautiful, popular, and intelligent – she has it all. Except for one small detail – she’s been abducted without a trace. Who took her, and why, is a complete mystery.

The case gets dropped on Curtis Westcott’s desk, but Boston’s Chief of Homicide has little to work with. No clues, no body, no motive. Renee had no enemies, no financial skeletons in the closet, no bitter ex-boyfriends. Curtis and Aislinn Byrne, his go-to detective on tough cases, work the file hard but come up empty. Then, while Westcott is at a party, he overhears a story that catches his attention and gives him and Aislinn their first break.

They dig in and unravel a complex series of crimes tied to Renee’s disappearance. As the layers peel back they’re convinced Renee is alive, but her abductor has every intention of killing her. It’s a bizarre and twisted game, and if Curtis and Aislinn can’t figure it out in time an innocent woman will die.

A Killing Game is Book One in the Curtis Westcott series, set in Boston.