Avenging Love: Trinitarian Knights Collection Book One


heroes aren’t very heroic. . . Sometimes heroes fail. . . 

David had always fought to protect
others, even before he knew who he was. He defended those that could not defend
themselves. In the eternal battle between good and evil, he balanced the
scales. He saved countless. . . but he couldn’t save her. He failed the love of
his life.

After three years drunk in an alley,
he still refuses to listen to the truth his heart is trying to tell him. But
when. . . 

tequila no longer numbs his guilt,

can the mysterious
two-thousand-year-old Emma, or the Archangel Michael, get David to wake up in

Join David and his battle companion Saint
Bernard, Duke, as they embark on an epic tale of loss, guilt, and possible
redemption. As the darkness that has settled on David’s soul slowly lifts, a
battle that he cannot win awaits. Can David and Duke avenge their loss?

To do so, the very gates of hell

Avenging Love is the first
novel of the trilogy in the Trinitarian Knights Collection. Filled with
fast-paced action sequences, a strong love story sub-theme, supporting
characters that will have you cheering, and a pompous prideful Satan that may
just have you rolling on the floor laughing, Avenging Love is a must read.

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