CRIMINAL TENDENCIES The Salvatore Luzani Story


Criminal Tendencies is the true story
of Salvatore Luzani, who went from an almost normal high-school student in the
suburbs to forming his own paramilitary “crew” and climbing the ladder to
become a Top Tier Drug Dealer. He was not shy about taking on any enemy,
including the Mob.

He built such a reputation that people knew if they crossed Sal,
they would most likely be swimming with the fishes. Readers will be reluctant
to put this book down. It is filled with suspense, action, and Sal details everything
as it goes down.

Sal always knew he had Criminal Tendencies, but he was losing
control of them. People have died, and Sal was tried for 2-counts of First
Degree Murder and Acquitted.

You would think that his experience would be enough to
straighten him out, but he constantly found himself doing things that were
illegal, and he found them exciting and a challenge.

So, get comfortable and enjoy a true crime story about the
notorious Salvatore Luzani.