Highest Bidder

A million dollar bid for an hour with me…
Brings me face to face with the an magnetic man with a heart colder than Everest. A man who later earns the title: Baby Daddy.


He’s dark, commanding, and most of all… charismatic as h*ll.
In fact, the night we met,  my mysterious bidder had me wanting to do things I’d never admit. 
I did them willingly, feeling secure in the fact I’d never see him again.  
Boy was I wrong…

“Welcome to CyberFort Security. The CEO will be here to greet you shortly.”

A man with a familiar deep baritone voice catches my attention.
“Ms. Foster?”

The hairs on the back of my neck rise up. 
Mikhail clenches his jaw.
If there is one thing I know about this man there is nothing more important to him than control.
And I’ve just thrown the infamous cold hearted C.E.O. of Cyberfort for a godd*mn loop.

need this job but​​​ can I ever feel safe around him now? Or am I just a
pawn in a deadly game? A game that involves me doing everything in my
power to protect the baby growing inside me.