Home: Interstellar


“… a heroine you can root for …. a compelling read for space opera addicts. ” —The BookLife Prize in Fiction.
strength and grace in a way that instantly wins the reader over to her
perspective and her values, her every cause…” —
Writer’s Digest

2177, twelve-year-old Meriel Hope solo-jumped into Procyon System with a
ship full of dead people. Ten years later, the most powerful interests
in the galaxy aim to kill her for what she might remember.

parents and a busted spaceship, that’s what pirates left to Meriel and
the orphans from the Light Speed Merchant Princess. But her past will
not stay buried. While searching for a mythical planet called Home, she
trips alarms that protect the killers…
… and the biggest secret in human history.
has only days to untangle the mysteries surrounding her parents’ death
or face her own. What she finds can save the far-star colonies from
extinction, but it makes her a target.
And this time she won’t escape.

If you liked Serenity and Blade Runner, and want more kick-ass heroines like Bobbie or Ripley, you’ll like Home: Interstellar.

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“Reminiscent of Ray Bradbury, early Heinlein, or Alan Dean Foster. Characters who are realistic, not perfect…” ***** Goodreads Review

“Great Story! Great World Building!” ***** Goodeads Review