How Serious A Threat Is Terrorism to The National Security of The United States?


The concentration of this book is United States of America National Security and threats posed by terrorism. Even though the case study is focused on United States of America, it is still within an international security context.
The American security architecture and Military could be said to have significant dominance within our international security representation, but its influence cannot be over emphasised globally. The American government goes all the way in ensuring peace, stability, and security of other regions across the globe, especially the security of its allies. On one hand, criticisms have been melted on American government home and abroad not just on the tactics deployed but also in terms of the spill over effects created by United States engagements.
On the other hand, many also give credits to United States of America for a making the world a safer place.
However, since September 11 terrorist attack on United States national security infrastructure, its security shall never remain the same again. Therefore, we cannot criticise American foreign policy directions for a democratic society as such but to look at America based on complexities of our contemporary society.
Albeit nothing like a perfect system exists but adequate and consistent management of our commons remains highly inevitable for all.