IMMORtAL_Kalika Episode 1: The Speedrunner

Deadly, efficient, focused, and unbelievably resourceful.
These are the words used to describe the gameplay style of Ximana Ortiz
and her various goddess themed player avatars. Her latest is
IMMORtAL_Kalika, an offshoot of the infamous Midnight_Hunter_Goddess of
Death Planes speedrunning fame. Under her new moniker she’s made a name
for herself during the alpha test of Fulton Milner’s deadly dark fantasy
game as well by becoming its #1 player.

How will this “legendary” player react to the events of the Project_DH
tragedy as seen in Hell’s Glitch Volume 1? Will she be able to win the
money necessary to pay her family’s mortgage and other piling bills or
will the pressure of being the best ultimately crush her? There’s only
one way to find out.

Featuring loads of cool easter eggs and fun
scenes. This series also crosses over with the mainline Hell’s Glitch
series starting with HG Volume 1: Into a Dark Adventure. Experience some
of the more memorable scenes from Kalika’s point of view along with
major questline changes due to her unique choices and strategies.

celebrate the 6 year anniversary of the Hell’s Glitch series with the
epic re-release of Hell’s Glitch Volume 1: Into a Dark Adventure along
with its soon to be released audiobook


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