Shivers Down My Spine


Can You See Me?

The Standish Family mansion stands steeped in a history of terrifying events that ensnare anyone who dares to associate with it. The mansion was the brainchild of Oliver Standish, who tragically ended his own life a few years after its construction. His family, too, fell into the cold grasp of death not long after him. Later, an unfortunate man tried to restore the once-grand home, but a sequence of inexplicable incidents with his crew led to the termination of the project. On the eerie night of Halloween, Brad, Stephany, and Todd find themselves drawn towards this forsaken property. After getting separated within its shadowy halls, they encounter unsettling phenomena. Can they decipher the mansion’s mysteries before its deadly past claims another victim?

Beyond the Ashes

A city finds itself slowly consumed by an invasion of Suckers, leeching the life and vitality from its thriving populace. Among the chaos, a single ray of hope pierces through the impending darkness. A father and son, bound by blood and a shared sense of responsibility, stand defiant against the overwhelming odds.

This is more than just a fight for survival; it’s a battle for humanity’s future.

Stretched Reality

Zoe recently found herself alone in the apartment she once shared with her best friend. Faced with the pressing need to find a replacement, she’s thrust into a race against time. Meanwhile, she’s trying to carve out her own path as an artist, which presents its own unique set of challenges.
In the midst of all this, she must also manage the delicate balance of her relationships. This task becomes even more demanding with the arrival of her new roommate, whose peculiar mannerisms add an unexpected twist to her life. Now, along with everything else, Zoe needs to adapt to her roommate’s oddities while maintaining harmony in her personal and professional life.