The Gaslight Gunslinger: Book One of Gunslinger Matthew Slade


In 1878, San Francisco’s a boomtown
awash in money, with Victorian-style bawdy houses and a loose sense of the law.
Enter Matthew Slade. Formerly the Pinkerton Detective Agency’s best
investigator, tracker, and gun-hand.

Upon his arrival, Slade rescues Mai
Lee, a little Chinese girl, from a pair of thugs intent on kidnapping her. The
girl’s wanted by Huang Sun, the leader of the dominant tong – a crime syndicate
that runs opium dens, fan-tan parlors, and prostitution in the city.

But how can a gunslinger used to
the open plains and prairies of the West deal with the criminal underworld of a
crowded metropolis? Even with the help of new allies and the backing of a pair
of bawdy-house madams, his odds are long at best!



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