The rebellion of a buddha: And the keys to the ultimate reality


“A book to go from the limitations we believe we have, to the greatness of what we really are.”

“The rebellion of a buddha is a process of transformation. Not only will you understand that the ego is an illusion, but you will have at your disposal the best techniques to experience it”.
“This transformative book awakens the true spirit of the human being. If I had to recommend one book, it would be this one”.

Since his birth,
 the human being has lived only one reality: he believes that it is his mind and stream of thoughts. That is why thoughts govern people and not the other way around. However, if you act as an observer of your mind, you will come to a conclusion: on the one hand, there are your thoughts and on the other hand there is you paying attention to them. This conscious attention is the true door to your inner self, but… What would it mean to ignore it?

Conditioning is capable of building you a mind tailor-made by others, leading you to a life that is not your own. 
Do you know the No. 1 regret of people about to die?

“I wish I had had the courage to live a life real to myself, and not the life others expected of me.”

The Rebellion of a Buddha 
will lead you to discover step by step the ultimate expression of who you are, the deepest meaning of Socrates’ “know thyself.”

The work culminates with the transformative practice of tantra: “the keys to the ultimate reality” from the Vijnana Bhairaba Tantra. A dialogue between the Gods Shiva and Devi, where Shiva reveals the essence of the path to the highest realization and complete spiritual awakening.
What will you discover?
✔️ The process by which we identify with our mind and what that implies.
✔️ Understanding that we are not our stream of thoughts, but the conscious attention that observes them.
✔️ How we generate thoughts and how to stop this process.
✔️ How our mind conditions and distorts our view of reality.
✔️ The influence of our identity on our actions and explanatory graphic schemes.
✔️ The relationship that controls our decisions 
and how to use it to our advantage.
✔️ Graphic scheme of how we interpret reality according to our belief system.
✔️ How to direct our actions unconditionally.