The Rhino Who Dreamed of Being a Unicorn


In this heartwarming tale, our rhino protagonist embarks on a journey, leaving his home behind, in search of unicorns, hoping for a transformation. However, what he uncovers along the way is a powerful message of self-discovery and self-esteem. As the story unfolds, young readers will come to realize that qualities like courage, kindness, and embracing one’s true self have always resided within.

This story encourages children to embrace their individuality, practice self-acceptance, and celebrate diversity. It’s a modern reimagining of the classic “Ugly Duckling” narrative, focusing not on outward appearances but on self-esteem and self-confidence.

My wife and I collaborated on this project—I wrote the story, and she provided the beautiful illustrations. We dedicated this book to our daughter, Eva, who has a deep love for animals and occasionally confuses unicorns with rhinoceroses. Through the adventures of Gleb and Bella, we hope to convey the message that rhinos are just as magical as unicorns in their own extraordinary way.