Gen-X computer hacker Toby is a classic American: impulsive, irreverent,
intelligent, and inventive. And, after a silly accident in 2008, he can add
“inanimate” to the list—because Toby is dead.

But only for a while. Eighty years later, medical science has advanced enough
to bring Toby back to life.

Welcome to Southern California, 2088. The skies are clean, but the rich-poor
social gulf has widened. The biggest industries are entertainment and the
prison system. Taxes have been cut — because the main source of government
revenue is the confiscation of property. Many new, designer recreational drugs
are legal, and many other drugs are mandatory. And while the US leads the world
in cosmetic surgery, in most technologies America lags far behind…

America has changed. Toby hasn’t. And in the collision between America 2008 and
America 2088, Toby brings the system to its knees—just by being his freedom
loving, problem solving self.

Read now and join Toby in Tomorrowville for love, sex, politics, and
cyberspace—plus the occasional turbocharged wheelchair and robotic rat.