Category: Crime

  • Time and Time Again

    Time and Time Again

    When D.I. Blake stumbles upon an illicit deal in a local pub, the ensuing chase takes him to a windy clifftop and an encounter with a man who appears from nowhere before falling to his death on the rocks below. That same night, a waitress in one of the local restaurants inexplicably explodes in the…

  • Missing


    Big Bill is an ex-detective from Canada now owning a blues club in Lancashire. To supplement his income, he begins a side-line. The Smokestack detective agency. His first case is a missing girl. Is she simply a runaway or has she been taken? No-one seems to know or care. Then victims of a serial killer…

  • Why?




    Detective Inspector Raven had solved many cases, since one that he found really challenging, now he had to find the killer, to one of the biggest stock brokers in the country, Rob Adams the stock broker in question, was found in the early hours of the morning in his tool shed, at the bottom of…