Franco’s Lost Gold


In a clandestine commando raid during the Spanish civil war, over $5 billion in gold is stolen to assure Franco’s fascist victory, but the gold mysteriously vanishes without a trace.

More than 80 years later, ex-military Will McLaren leads a nomad life as dive instructor in Belize when he receives a call. It is the first trace to his unknown father, now supposedly on his deathbed. The search takes him to southern Spain, only to get caught up in conflict between law enforcement and local mafia intent on killing anyone who gets in their way. What unfolds is a web of family secrets leading back to the lost treasure.

To survive, Will must team up with newly found allies to bring down the most powerful and politically supported crime syndicate and at the same time finding the treasure; Franco’s lost gold. Behind the mafia, shadowy figures lurk with totally different intentions…

This is the first book in a series taking Will McLaren around the globe on adventures, action and mystery.