Kettlebell Catalyst


Are you struggling with trusting yourself? Do you feel limited—both mentally and physically?

“I wrote this book for you because once upon a time I felt limited, but not anymore. Kettlebells were the catalyst for me to realize I am limitless, and so are you!”

Kettlebell Catalyst, by kettlebell specialist and entrepreneur Colleen Conlon, is a study in how physical exercise can lead to mental resilience. While the book discusses Kettlebell training, she mainly focuses her writing on Hardstyle Kettlebell Technique. The advantages of this particular style of training include, but are not limited to, decreasing body fat, increasing muscle mass, improving posture, increasing strength, increasing endurance, and improvement in your mind-body connection.

Complete with true stories from women who have been where you are now and made it through to the other side with the help of the Kettlebell, this guide is designed to be both educational and motivational. If you have trouble staying present in the moment or listening to your body, this technique will help you reconnect your mind to your body because it involves fast motions with heavy equipment—which means you have to focus to avoid injury.

In the pages of this book, you’ll discover:

  • Colleen’s story, from overcoming mental blocks to breaking a world record
  • Informative and practical basics of Hardstyle Kettlebell Technique
  • Inspirational stories and testimonials from a diverse set of women
  • Skill-building exercises and drills
  • Whether or not the Kettlebell is right for you

If you’re looking for a thorough understanding of how Kettlebell concepts can be applied to your everyday life, this is the book for you!