Momma DID Raise A Fool


Diane Freeman has a long history of deceit and usually at the expense of
her estranged daughters. When she announced to the world, she only had six
months to live, both daughters had to contemplate a life-changing question. Was
Diane trying to make her first effort at bonding with them using the only
tactic she knew, or was this just another attempt at wreaking havoc amongst the
Freeman sisters? 


Before the announcement, sisters Taylor and Tory were tight like the
skin on an aging socialite’s face. They always stood strong together in defense
of their manipulative mother. After the announcement, the compassionate Taylor
decides to stand by her mother’s side to help her gracefully transition into
the afterlife. An unforgiving Tory immediately started planning the funeral.


Now that they’re constantly bumping heads, which sister will live to
regret her decision? And has Diane masterminded the greatest betrayal of all?