The Spirituality in SCIENCE: Understanding the Spirituality in Science from the Primitive Days of the Bible and the Religions of the Time will free anyone from the Shackles of Religion


This book is a discovery. It contains information, knowledge, and
truths never before revealed. But, is the world ready for this? One
thing is certain, the findings in this book will threaten the religious
establishments of the world as was the case with Galileo’s book, The
Dialogue, in 1632; and as a result, may not be readily accepted by the
Church, Islam and the religionists.
Be that as it may, this book
introduces a new Global Phenomenon for the totality of mankind as a
vehicle for the fulfilment of our ultimate mandate on this planet. This
vehicle delivers tremendous power for everyone who cares to take a ride.
They will become invincible, men and women of quiet power to control
everything and collect advantages and privileges, and to vanquish every
threatening situation confronting them. Eventually, everyone on-board
this vehicle will quietly control all, compelling others to join or be
left behind to perish.