Two Hearts: Volume 1


A story of two people’s recollection of their lives and how others
were affected. So, we have stories of murder, deceit, incest, greed,
coercion and love – of course! In spite of everything, and due to
coincidences, people’s lives alter; some for better, some for worse.
this the first of three volumes, there are the two similar accounts of
the adventure – each from the teller’s perspective. One could read the
reminiscence’s going through as written or pick up in the second part of
the story and read in parallel once the two main characters – Kelly and
Sam meet up. In this tale, one of the parties gets shot and you will
need to read the next volume to see how things pan out.
When reading
the manuscripts discovered on an island – and now published here, I
continue to feel sorry for Sam: bullied, used and put on, yet proud of
his final achievements (in the final – volume three).
Happy reading!