Templar Chronicles: Part One: Templar Scholar

Medieval England and two young men find themselves at the heart of a brutal struggle in the borderlands between with Wales. Hoxton, a brilliant scholar ripped from the comfort of his college library is pulled into the service of the Templars in a legal battle as savage as any that takes place in the wind blasted border hills.

Drysdale, a young man destined to join the ranks of the Order is the son of a famous warrior knight and has been bred from birth to carry a sword. These two young men, different in so many ways, find friendship in the middle of a battle for power and influence between Church and throne in medieval England.

A debt has been bought, the young widow debtor has been dragged into court and under the power of the local warlord, Blaine. In the background one of the endless series of savage border wars erupts. But this is more than a skirmish it is fight to the finish.

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