The Anarchy: Slave To Fortune

Looking for something to take you away from all that’s happening right now? One reader has called this, “So more-ish, I’ve read it four times!” This well received debut historical romance novel gives a new and fresh insight into this period. Purchasers 5* reviews say: “Superb special book WOW!” and “Brilliant book” Prepare for a gripping read and a thrilling ride, in this first of a series! Battles, rivalries and passions surge across England; as the lust for power, wealth and dynasty consume so many. Rich people and poor alike, prepare for harsh times. The young squire Walter, fights for survival and advancement; driven by burning ambition and a stout but lonely heart. A captured slave, dressed in tatters, far from her exotic homeland, hopes for a next meal. Is Walter a prisoner of his ruthless purpose? Will he survive his bold idea, a plan that surprised even the Earl of Warwick? We follow his struggles and desires. Will anyone save the captives life, let alone her honour? As alliances are made and often broken, who can be trusted and will romance bloom? All are caught up in the swirling tides of fortune, as their story becomes our history.


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